Devin Fleenor biography



My name is Devin Fleenor. I design. I code. I reflect light.

20+ years in the art and tech industries have given me skills.
Life has taught me how to listen and be grateful.

Tenacious? Yes. Perpetually curious? Hell yes. I envision fantastic things, develop creative strategies and execute with laser precision.


S.E.E.D. at Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City [ 2017 ]

Missy Elliott “I’m Better” music video [ 2017 ]

Java Magazine cover [ 2017 ]

Phoenix Magazine “Future of Phoenix” cover [ 2015 ]

Laser Twitter at Super Bowl Central [ 2015 ]

Founded Epic FX : interactive lighting design [ 2013 ]

People Against Arpaio TV commercial [ 2012 ]

Mr. Meeble “Star Power” music video [ 2012 ]

Mr. Meeble European Tour [ 2011 ]


“Devin is a game-changer… period. The innovation, creativity, technical knowledge, passion and character he possesses borders on the miraculous. From vision to realization, coding to composing, lasers to holograms – Devin is absolutely the one you want on your team.

Respected in the community, loved by his friends, loathed by the mediocres and apathetic… Devin is someone I would more than recommend, I actually dare you to work with him. I double-dog…no, triple-dog dare you.” – Domonic Patrick (Senior Designer, University of Phoenix)