GP ft. Kirk Franklin, Cheryl "Salt" James - "Stomp" (Ant Cruzes GLAM SLAM 1997 DJ remix) Low bitrate

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  •   Title : GP ft. Kirk Franklin, Cheryl "Salt" James - "Stomp" (Ant Cruzes GLAM SLAM 1997 DJ remix) Low bitrate
  •   Author : Anthony Cruze
  •   Duration : 3.59
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    NOTE: This will be taken down shortly. I do not agree with a third party making a copyright claim against this content and limiting where it is played, and its not fair that NOT ONE CENT of the proceeds of this go to the actual artist!! Its like history repeating itself!!! Voice your protest here by making a comment to ensure the funds go to the people who featured in the video, not get buried in third parties adverse claims and administration expenses, leaving the talent with NOTHING.
    FYI: The writers of this song at George Clinton, Kirk Franklin, Morrison Walter (RIP) and Garry Marshall Shider (RIP). Nobody with a legitimate claim to this song has made a claim against it - just the "sharks".
    The history: I met the team at gospocentric (VL) and had the opportunity to be part of the production of this music video. Glam Slam had ceased and I was looking for more work so I was asked by the WB/Interscope label rep to do something with this song as it didn't crossover and it wasn't getting any attention. It was already doing moderately well in the gospel charts in the US, but Label folks wanted it to crossover into the mainsteam charts and I was producing the show "Turn It Up!" at the time. I remixed and edited it at Power Plant/001 Studios and sent it to a bunch of DJ's and MTV, who loved it and played it, as well as adding it to our show as the video you see. The song was a big hit, enjoying heavy rotation on MTV and other music channels, and charting at No.1 on the Billboard R&B Singles Airplay chart for two weeks, even making it into the US Top 40 charts! In the end there was a lot of politics around the royalties of the song, and I was also promised and not paid for the work I did, but that's in the past and 2017 is the 20th anniversary of this song, so...STOMP!! This is the original betacam run off without digital restoration. The master digital restoration is available in 1080p and 4k and looks amazing.

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